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History & Purpose

Ming Chi University of Technology established the center in August 2019, providing more than 339.9 square meter of space to set up central offices and classrooms, and investing more than 39 million dollars in computing equipment. The center is mainly dedicated to the research and development of Industrial Artificial Intelligent. The focus of its research and development is to combine industry expertise (X) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to solve industrial practice problems in a Co-Op manner. Cultivate AI + X talents for the industry, as described below:

◆Industrial AI Technology

■ Component Failure Prediction and Establishment of Preventive Maintenance Mechanism

■ Material combination, scheduling, and manufacturing process optimization

■ Design and integration of private cloud, sensors and IoT

■ System architecture for industrial image recognition and quality inspection

■ Exploration of business intelligence and management strengthening mechanism

◆Talent Education

■ School:offer AI general courses and professional credit or degree courses

■ Industry:knowledge-oriented and project-oriented education and training courses