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Group profile

◆ Unit Equipment Group:Focus on the design, serial connection and layout of industrial sensors, and the integration of mechanism design and automatic electromechanical control systems to facilitate the subsequent extraction, separation and intelligent diagnostic analysis of defect signals

◆ Process System Group:Focus on parameter optimization of chemical and plasma processes, process simulation environment technology, process safety and applicability assessment, and trial production production environment planning and layout

◆ Data Analysis Group:Focus on big data analysis of various types of data. Through the integration of various data cleaning, feature extraction, machine learning and deep learning algorithms, analyze such as production logs, industrial signals, industrial images, surveillance videos, official text, network correlation, positioning records and other data

◆ Academic Development Team:Focusing on the cultivation of AI + X talents, in addition to injecting AI energy into the courses of various departments in the school, improving students' AI literacy, and also customizing educational training courses according to industry needs