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1. AI Center Director

Ching-Shih Tsou

Director /

Professor of Institute of Information and Decision Sciences of National Taipei University of Business

Artificial Intelligence & Statistical Machine Learning, Game Theory Applications, Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization, Flexible Manufacturing & Industrial Control.
Yen-Jen Chen

Associate Director

(Adjunct Academic Development Team Leader)/

Associate Professor of Electronic Engineering

Network Service Quality, Cloud Virtualization High Availability Computing, IoT Big Data System, Smart Monitoring of Fleet Management, Power Cloud AI Computing.
Ssu-Han Chen

Associate Director

(Adjunct Data Analysis Leader)/

Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Social Network Analysis, Applied Statistical Analysis, Digital Image Processing.


2. AI Center Appointed Personnel
Jiun-Wei Liou Project Teacher Medical Imaging, Machine Learning(Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning)、Dimension Reduction, Statistical Model.
Zhihui Yua Engineer/bachelor degree Machine learning, Deep Learning, Data Exploration.
David Chiu Engineer/master degree Image Recognition, Machine Learning, Deep Learning.
He Ren HSU Senior Technician Adjunct Assistant Experience in Information Appliance Purchase, System Construction and Maintenance.


3. AI Specialist Teachers by College
Department of Chemical Engineering Jung-Chin Tsai Assistant Professor Chemical Process Simulation, Chemical Reaction Algorithms, Big Data Analysis and Integration, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network and Deep Learning.
Department of Materials Engineering Hsuan-Chung Wu Professor Material Processes Simulation (Metal 3D Printing, Steelmaking)、First-principles Calculations (Graphene, ZnO, TiO2),Combining Computer Simulation and Artificial Intelligence to Predict Material Process Optimization Parameters.
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
Chien-Chih Wang Professor Data Science and Intelligent Decision-making, Process Quality Optimization, Reliability Analysis Applications, Machine Vision Detection Applications, Biomedical Signal Analysis Applications.
Yi-Yo Kuo Assistant Professor Production Scheduling, Solid Production, Man-Assignment, Artificial Intelligence Applications.
Kuentai Chen Assistant Professor Neural Network, Flexible Computing, System Simulation.
Ping-Yu Chang Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Process Optimization, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Facility Planning, and Manufacturing System Design.
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Kuo-Yung Hung Professor Intelligent System Integration, Intelligent Image Inspection, AGV, Surface Modification Technology for Medical Equipment.
Meng-Jey Youh Professor Additive Manufacturing, Image Processing, Image Recognition, Machine Learning, Automatic Optical Inspection.
Hung-Yi Chen Associate Professor Mechatronics, Intelligent Control, Automation Engineering, Fuzzy Logic Applications, Neural Network applications.
Department of Electrical Engineering
Chun-Ling Lin Associate Professor Intelligent Signal Processing, ECG / EEG Signal Analysis, Fuzzy System, Neural Network, Artificial Intelligence.
Yu-Hsiu Lin Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Computational Intelligence, Internet of Things, Smart Grid.
De-Rek Wang Assistant Professor AI technology is applied to improve the loading rate of logistics freight cars and reduce the number of vehicles with a large number of logistics explosions. AI technology is applied to the pipeline gas explosion and leak detection system.
Department of Electronic Engineering Shu-Lin Hwang Associate Professor Microcomputer System Application, CPLD / FPGA Design, Embedded System, Digital Image Monitoring, Object Detection, APP Design.
The General Education Center Chun-Wei Huang Assistant Professor Deep Learning Neural Networks, Heuristic Algorithms, Environmental Ecological Simulations, Global Environmental Changes, Spatial Optimization Models.