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Center Apparatus

Computing System



²  CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2698 v4 2.2GHz 20Core CPU *2

²  RAM: 512 GB

²  HDD: 4x 1.92TB SSD RAID 0

²  GPU: 8x Tesla V100 128 GB


Provide a highly stable deep learning and data processing platform, combined with CloudFusion hybrid cloud management software, can dynamically allocate virtual resources to researchers, and use GPU training mode to accelerate project testing and research innovation.


Computing System (3 seats)



²  CPU: Intel Xeon Sliver 4114 2.2GHz 10Core CPU *2

²  RAM: 384GB

²  HDD: 2x 240GB SSD RAID 1, 6x 1.92TB SSD

²  GPU: 3x Tesla V100 96GB


Provide a platform for machine learning and data processing, and combine with VMware to create software and services for cloud computing and hardware virtualization. In addition to projects and research, up to 30 students can go online at the same time to experience the GPU speed training process.


AI Teaching Workstation (30 units)


WinFast GS1020S

²  CPU: Intel Xeon 6c12t 2.1GHz, 3.0GHz Turbo

²  RAM: 32GB


²  GPU: RTX 2080 8GB


The cloud server host and the student terminal host are used to create a virtual classroom teaching environment of about 130 square meters in the AI center, with server, terminal host, virtual machine, and broadcast and control management functions.


AI Software


Open Source Software:C# ,etc.

²  Software Packages:LabViewOpenR8STATISTICA 13


This center mainly uses free open source software to develop the code and user interface required for projects or research. For users with non-programming expertise, it also builds commercial software packages to improve motivation and reduce programming barriers.


AI Situation Room


²  Industrial TV wall8x LG 49VL5B 49"

²  personal computerI7 level output host

²  Sound effectsPATECH QSM-512Broadcast AmplifierAUDIMAXIM CK-K81

²  Interactive touch displayBenQ RP653K 65"


The CRESTRON CP2E automatic control host system was used to quickly connect the software and hardware of the situation room to showcase the results of AI research and development, and to improve the smoothness of presentations with wireless touch panels and wireless briefers. The battle room of our center covers an area of about 76 square meters.